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Kapla 8 Color Octocolor 100 Wooden Block Box

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100 items in 8 colours in one beautiful solid wood box.

Ages: 3+

  • All the colours of KAPLA.
  • 100 items in 8 colours in one beautiful solid wood box.
  • Colours: Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Violett, Green, light Blue, dark Blue.
  • A new way to enrich your creations by giving them another dimension.
  • KAPLA is the magic plank. This building block inspires old and young people. You may build every kind of buildings, animals or extravagant creations ... everything build up through your own hands.
  • Box with 100 wooden blocks of pine. Relation of the borders 1 : 3 : 15, very fine worked, perfectly rectangular from exclusive pine wood.
  • An individual or group-game.