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lecons-de-choses-red-with-light-blue-band-retro-vintage-backpack-accessory-bag-kid-boy-girl-leco-art0076-01 lecons-de-choses-red-with-light-blue-band-retro-vintage-backpack-accessory-bag-kid-boy-girl-leco-art0076-02

Lecons de Choses Red with Light Blue Band Retro Vintage Backpack

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Ideal backpack for small, very solid in heather grey and pink stripe This retro backpack delight children as well as the teen and the parents! Perfect as a binder, it is also convenient to transport its sports business that during a class trip.

Magali Arbib is a painter. Interested in working with matter, it starts with antiquing old newspapers and old fashioned fabrics. Magali made ​​paintings from old photos. Fascinated by urban and advertising culture it develops a popular style that recalls the Pop Art of the 60s Upon becoming mom, Magali undertakes antiquing vintage furniture makeover it in a spirit faithful to his plastic work: a retro , colorful, playful which also recalls the art of street graffiti. Les Enfants du Design have cracked for shelves and small benches made ​​from genuine maple skateboards.

Materials: canvas polyesther.

Dimensions: length 35 cm, height 35 cm, width 9 cm.