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Drop Shipping Program


Petit Bazaar's drop shipping program allows you to easily sell premium European products and ship them directly to your customers - in only a few clicks.

To join our drop shipping program, please message us or email us for application.

In this article, you will understand how to place a drop shipping order. By following below steps, your order will be processed in the fastest manner and you will receive all updates about the order that you can use to keep your customers posted. Petit Bazaar will never directly communicate about the order with your customers.

1. Log in to your Petit Bazaar drop shipping account.

2. When browsing the product(s), you will see your drop shipping price. Then, add your desired product(s) to cart.

3. On Cart page, you will see your drop shipping price again.

IMPORTANT: If you haven’t logged in, you must log in here to enjoy the drop shipping price.

In the Special instructions for seller section, kindly inform us this is a drop shipping order so that we will not include any Petit Bazaar’s information on the parcel.

Advise us the Sender’s Information you want to be written on the parcel; and the Receiver's Contact Information for smooth delivery.

Note: If it is not highlighted, we will use the information provided during your application.

4. On Customer information page, you can review the drop shipping discount and drop shipping price again.

In the Shipping address section, make sure you enter the receiver’s information.

5. On Shipping method page, select your desired shipping method.

Note: Shipping fee must be paid or shipping terms must be agreed in advance for us to process the order. The lack of sufficient shipping fee may lead to delay of order processing or order cancellation.

6. On Payment method page, select your desired payment method.

Note: If specific payment method has been agreed in advance, please select the specified one, otherwise, it may lead to delay of order processing or order cancellation.

In the Billing address section, make sure you enter your information.

7. Proceed to complete checkout.