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Oeuf Tie Strap Dress Green Dots Adult

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The perfect Mommy and me piece. Match your mini at the beach or on the playground.

Available in small and medium.

  • 100% linen
  • Made in Peru
  • Color: White/Green dot

Alpaca wash & care:

  • Hand washing
  • Alpaca knits should be hand-washed only in cold water using a gentle detergent or shampoo.
  • Never use chlorine bleach. Woolite is not recommended.
  • Remove any excess water carefully, avoiding any wringing or twisting.
  • Lay the product flat, reshape to its original dimensions and allow it to dry naturally. Storing and preserving your product.
  • Before storing, make sure that the item is fully dry.
  • There are various techniques to avoid damage resulting from the presence of moths. It will be better if you store the product in a sealed cedar chest, a freezer (in a zip lock bag) or any moth protected environment.
  • Sachets using dried lavender are also useful.
  • We do not recommend the use of mothballs.

Cotton wash & care:

  • Machine wash low.
  • Cotton knits, jersey and terry may be machine washed and dried.
  • Gentle cycle/low temperature is recommended.