SentosphèreSentosphère Mobile Vitrail Hiboux

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Color these adorable little owls before hanging them on a mobile! An ideal decoration to liven up a room with its crystalline stained glass colors.

The child will realize, thanks to this kit of manual activity , a stained glass mobile by injecting the colors of his choice in the decorative elements crimped. After a few hours, the pieces will be dry and crystalline, ready to be suspended on mobile before twirling and flaming with a thousand reflections. A stained glass mobile for your child's creative leisure.

Recommended age: 4 to 13 years

Contents of the box:
  • 8 decorative elements
  • 4 steel rods for mobile
  • 10 stained glass paint tubes
  • 1.7 m invisible nylon thread
  • 1 manual