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Ridley's Game Space Pinball Game Classic

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Back in the days of retro radical-ness, the world was a different, much simpler place. People read broadsheet newspapers on the train instead of playing Candy Crush on their smart phones. You only had a choice of buying one type of loo paper as opposed to the twenty three million options we have available now. But most importantly, the games kids played hardly ever ran off electricity.

This Ridley’s Intergalactic Space Pin Ball game is so awesomely retro you’ll feel like getting up and doing the Loco-Motion on the spot. Requiring no batteries, this portable, highly durable and funky looking pinball game will keep big and little kids entertained for ages. Simply pull back the trigger and shoot the 8 metal pinballs into orbit, will you be good enough to land a ball in the lucky 100 point slot? Make a competition out of it and see who’s able to land the highest score!

  • The retro pinball game that all kids, big and small, will love.
  • Great for road trips and rainy days.
  • Featuring fun and funky graphics in typical pinball style.
  • Made of high-grade plastic.
  • Recommended for ages 6 and up.
  • Measures 18cm x 29cm