6 Healthy Lunch Ideas + Tips For Kids

Packing your little one’s lunch box doesn’t have to be a nightmare. The trick is not to leave the lunch boxes to the last minute (*cough*. We’ve all been there!).

Prepping ahead of time and finding the right combination of healthy food that your kid will want to eat will help ensure your family will kickstart the school year stress-free. Here’s our guide to planning and preparing healthy lunches, along with 6 lunch recipe ideas. 

1. Write A List of Items For Each Food Category

We know it takes quite a lot of discipline to plan ahead of time AND stick with the meal plan religiously throughout the week.

Having a hero list of different food items for each food category will make it easier for your next grocery trip and takes less time to put the entire lunch box together.

2. Hide Veggies In Food

If your little one is a fussy eater and struggles to eat their veggies, you can hide them in plain sight by blending them in with their favourite foods. Here’s how:
- Make a veggie dip. Cucumber and dill dip pairs well with crackers!
- Tomato sauce is the perfect food to hide veggies in plain sight. Throw in carrots, spinach, zucchini, and roasted sweet potato in the mix. Purée the finished sauce so your little one won’t be able to find any traces of veggies that might scare them off!

3. Include Variety

Kids grow tired of the same foods easily so make sure you include different lunch options everyday. Have a few different snacks and rotate between fruits and veggies. 

4. Invest In Quality Lunchbox Containers

Make sure you keep at least 1-2 high-quality, sturdy lunchbox that comes with compartments, as well as a thermal food jar. Having a bento-style lunchbox helps your little one sees what’s on offer in a visually appealing way, which makes it more enticing to eat. 

5. Lunch Box Ideas


Mains: Chicken noodles with carrots, roast beef roll
Side: Fruit salad

Credit: Love Mae

Main: Mini omelet tortilla wrap
Sides: bircher muesli with pomegranate (soak the muesli with any kind of milk overnight), fresh raspberries Fruit salad: apple, banana

Credit: Love Mae

Main: Ham and cheese croissant
Snacks: Cheese and crackers, veggie chips
Fruits: Pear, orange


Main: Teriyaki salmon rice
Sides: Boiled broccoli
Snacks: crackers, fresh strawberries

Credit: @mandy_sacher 

Main: Egg and avocado mash sandwich
Sides: Zuccini chips, fruit, veggies (raw and steamed)
Snacks: Chocolate biscuits, salty chocolate popcorn

Credit: @yumboxlunch

Main: Crunchy chicken wrap with cucumber, cilantro, red cabbage, and sweet red chili sauce
Sides: Carrot soup
Snacks: Pretzels

Credit: @growingbabyjewelle

Main: Grilled cheese with porchetta
Snacks: Fresh papaya, banana