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Babyzen YOYO+ Board - Top 3 Things to Consider Before Buying


As you might have already heard, we and our Facebook fans are super excited about having the YOYO+ stroller available at our store.

What really struck us with this innovative stroller is the YOYO+ Board – an awesome accessory that takes the stroller to a whole new level - from one which is comfortable for baby and mom, to one that’s also fun for the older sibling!

In fact, it can carry a child from around 2 years old up to 20kg, making it a wonderful accessory when the kids grow.

We’ve tried this board attachment and gathered for you the most important 3 things to know about before purchasing the YOYO+ Board.

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1. Assembling and Attaching the YOYO+ Board

The board is very easy to install; we only used one hand to assemble and attach it to the stroller.

All you have to do is pop in the two wheels and the saddle if you’re going to use it, and then use two fingers to clip it to the stroller. No separate bolts and screws running around.

This has got to be one of the best things about it. Going out with two kids is a feat in itself, goodness knows you won’t have time to fiddle with bits and bobs. Luckily your happily cruising toddler is just a single-click connection away.

2. Storing the YOYO+ Board

If you want the board out of the way whilst still using the stroller, you can hook it to the strap at the back of the stroller.

If you’ve got the saddle attached there’s only one position possible.

But if the saddle is removed you get another more compact option. And since the saddle is detachable you can easily store it in the under-basket.

A bit of a downside is the fact that you have to remove the board if you want to fold the stroller. This is something we hope the manufacturers will improve on next time.

But at least there’s enough space in the included protective bag to store the disassembled board along with the folded stroller.

The bag can be zipped up and the stroller’s strap lets you easily and conveniently carry stroller and all.

3. YOYO+ Board Compatibility

The board is only compatible with YOYO+ strollers.

There are a couple of notable differences to help you identify your model.

YOYO+ has a groove on the armrest that’s the attachment point for the car seat adapter, and the serial number located beneath the seat base.

Buy YOYO+ Board online now >>