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Oeuf Pure and Simple Eco-Friendly Pad (Pre-Order; Est. Delivery in 2-3 Months)

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This Eco-friendly Changing Pad can be used with all Oeuf dressers, changing stations and changing trays. The pad is made of renewable plant-based foam with extra-sturdy support board and a wetproof cloth cover, very easy to clean with water and soap.

Contoured for safety, the pad also includes an additional safety strap and can be attached to any dresser. Use with a waterproof cover to prevent staining.

  • Suitable for all Oeuf dressers, changing stations and trays; also easily attachable to any other brand dresser
  • Size: 40.64cm x 82.5cm x 10cm
  • Materials: Renewable plant-based foam
  • Includes an additional safety strap
  • Changing tray and dresser separately sold
  • A waterproof cover is recommended to prevent staining
  • Packaged in recycled cardboard
  • Made in the USA by Colgate Baby