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Cambrass Discret Feeding Be Universe 1419 Grey


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Be covers breastfeeding, serves to cover the baby during breastfeeding ensuring the concentration of the baby and the discretion of the mother. Made in Spain. By Cambrass.

The be breastfeeding covers serves to cover the baby during lactation by increasing the concentration of the baby and the discretion of the mother. To do this, place the breastfeeding cover hanging on the neck as an apron with the help of the adjustable strap and place the baby under it looking for a comfortable position for both. The upper ring allows the baby enough ventilation to make the shot. In this way, the baby is covered thus ensuring an increase in concentration during breastfeeding, while the mother gets more discretion without losing the direct vision of the baby thanks to the upper ring. While it is used, objects can be stored in the 4 practical interior pockets. It also serves as a demi-season blanket and as a cover to protect the baby from the sun.

  • Composition: 100% cotton