Nobodinoz Arizona Teepee Mustard Stars

nobodinozNobodinoz Arizona Teepee Mustard Stars

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A little house to hide, play Indians vs cowboys, take a a rest or read a book. Of realistic dimensions, this teepee can shelter up three children. Unique touch of color that makes it join perfectly all the types of rooms. From the distant plains of Arizona this teepee comes to us, union without commitment between the Indian spirit and the room harmony. Don't wait any more information, let's live in a teepee! It comes in bag with six sticks of wood to mount it. Once in the bag, it doesn't occupy anything and is easy to keep.

Designed and made in Spain

Color: White

Material: Wood

Finish: Cotton

Size (in cm): 178 cm (close) 150 cm (open) x 128 cm

Estimated time of assembly: 10 minutes