RexRex Traditional Bow and Arrow Set

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Traditional wooden bow and arrow set, traditional wooden bow with three suction arrows and two traget boards with four great games to play. Great fun for all ages.

Set includes:

  • 1 x Traditional wooden bow with plastic string. Bow size: 73cm length, 2cm wide.
  • 3 x Suction arrows, wooden shaft with red plastic suckers. Arrow size: aaprox 40cm long, 4cm dia.
  • 2 x Cardboard target boards with games to play. Board size: 66 x 37cm, Target sizes: Tin can game dia. 30cm and Bottle game target dia. 34cm.

*Keep a close eye on children when playing with bow and arrow.
*Never allow them to play with this set without adult supervision and assistance.
*Never aim arrows near other people or in an area where someone else could be injured from out of control arrows.
*Make sure there is plenty of room around you.
*Do not use close to roads or paths. (Not only can it be dangerous if an arrow comes down but it can distract drivers.)
*Always be aware of what is behind you.
*Be aware of animals, they can be easily frightened by flying arrows.
*Never aim arrows near any animal.
*Be courteous and think of others when playing with this set.
*Please retain these instructions for future reference.